Nostalgic Poster Art by ViSSEVASSE

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ViSSEVASSE is a Danish company that creates poster art with a retro style. Soft colors, with an art déco font and simple lines are characteristic to ViSSEVASSE’s prints, all inspired by distinctive local and global landmarks. Think Stockholm’s Vasabro bridge, Copenhagen’s skyline, Norway’s fjords, Tivoli’s Ferris Wheel, Aarhus’s town hall bell tower, Ribe’s cathedral and storks, and many more.

“We see the posters striking a nostalgic chord with the audience, as they are reminded of the summer holidays of their childhood when they see the poster of the caravan in the Danish landscape – or of the skiing holiday in Norway when they see our interpretation of the snow-covered mountains,” says Karsten Noel, ViSSEVASSE’s co-founder.

The collection is quite varied, and you’ll surely find the right nostalgia piece to decorate your wall. The tough part is to pick a favourite!


ViSSEVASSE-Posters-01 ViSSEVASSE-Posters-03 ViSSEVASSE-Posters-04 ViSSEVASSE-Posters-05 ViSSEVASSE-Posters-06 ViSSEVASSE-Posters-07 ViSSEVASSE-Posters-08 ViSSEVASSE-Posters-09





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