New Prints by Kristina Dam Featuring Architectural Details

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When it comes to interiors, I truly love clean and modern spaces with elements that add visual presence and distinction, usually typical of old buildings. So I’m pretty excited about Kristina Dam‘s new collection, consisting of six new posters now available at THE POSTER CLUB.

She has teamed up with photographer Tuala Hjarnø, to captured the quiet mood of a neo-baroque house located in a chic neighborhood in Copenhagen. The bright and minimalist prints feature different architectural details: DoorVaultPanelWindowInside and Opening.

I really love the prints’ serenity. It’s such a simple idea, but very well executed! A lovely example that beauty often lies in the details.

Get them here.


Prints-Kristina-Dam-02 Prints-Kristina-Dam-03 Prints-Kristina-Dam-04 Prints-Kristina-Dam-05
Prints-Kristina-Dam-06 Prints-Kristina-Dam-07 Prints-Kristina-Dam-08 Prints-Kristina-Dam-09

Photos: Kristina Dam via The Poster Club


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