New posters by Kristina Krogh

, , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

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Danish graphic designer and artist Kristina Krogh now has a new series of limited edition posters – And they are amazing! The styling in the pictures is gorgeous too!

Check out the complete series here.

“In my work I’m fascinated by different materials and their surfaces which can either be cold, warm, soft, hard, heavy or light. I think the strong mix of these exclusive and cheap textual materials such as marble, ply, wood, cork and paper is an interesting an unexpected combination that I love. My inspiration comes from the things and objects that surrounds me; a beautiful old parquet, a perfect color combination on a building, a stone floor in a church, a bike ride through Copenhagen – among many other things.”

Photos: Kristina Krogh


Kristina-Krogh-4Kristina-Krogh-6Kristina-Krogh-3 Kristina-Krogh-2



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