Lotta Agaton for Marimekko

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Finnish brand Marimekko has released pictures of its Autumn collection, featuring a few of their latest products styled by Lotta Agaton in her own home in Stockholm.

I have to say that I am very fond of the more neutral tones of the dining room and the first bedroom shown below… I blame my monochrome addiction! But nevertheless, I like how the bright Marimekko fabrics add a colourful touch to the apartment. Very cheerful while providing lovely contrasts.

Notice how Lotta successfully combined patterns on the last two images – It’s not something I would have readily mixed and matched, but it goes really well together. The Swedish stylist has shown once again that she is very talented and creative.


lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-01 lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-02 lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-03 lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-04 lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-05 lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-07 lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-08 lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-09 lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-10 lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-11 lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-12lotta-Agaton-for-marimekko-06

Photos: via Mrs Jones




  1. 25 Sep 2015 / 09:31

    Yes, a very creative stylist, but then again look at the lovely things she has to work with!

  2. Daria
    16 Sep 2016 / 04:58

    I really love the picture on the wall in the monochrome bedroom. Do you know the name of the artist?

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