Livsrum Cancer Counseling Center Designed by EFFEKT

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Each year, the world’s most visited architecture website, ArchDaily, organizes the long-awaited “Building of the Year Awards” in which 14 winners are selected by its readers. Livsrum, one of the 2014 projects, caught my eye for many good reasons.

The Copenhagen-based architecture firm EFFEKT designed a cancer-counseling center in Næstved, Denmark, that redefines how we should design hospitals nowadays. The main objective was to create a warmer and more welcoming alternative to the sterile and cold clinic environment.

Rather than creating a traditional and uniform building, the architects split the volume into seven small interconnected ‘houses’ enclosing two central courtyards. Each house has its own distinct function – the library, kitchen, lounge, etc. – and has its own gabled roof profile. The final result of this formal expression is quite appealing: A cluster of human-scale buildings inspired by traditional houses, all clad in white fiber-cement and timber boards. I really appreciate the square-shaped windows that punctuate the exterior facades, as well as the clean details that give the whole project a nice minimalist look.

The spatial experience that promotes a homey, open and welcoming environment is achieved by a very clever choice of materials and colorful furnishings. EFFEKT’s attention for details is simply outstanding. Everything seems to be perfectly integrated to the architecture, including the beautiful bookshelves covering entire walls and the small window seats. All spaces in the house have been designed individually according to its function in order to create variations of ambiences. But wherever you are, you get natural light through generous openings and skylights.

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Photos: Quintin Lake (exterior),  Thomas Ibsen (interior) via ArchDaily


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  1. Tray-c
    30 Mar 2015 / 08:58

    I think this is terrific! All hospitals, nursing homes, wellness clinics should look and feel this good. What a calming restorative quality this center has.

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