Korbo Baskets Now Available in Brass and Copper

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Korbo has recently announced that it will launch its handmade wire baskets in brass and copper.

Since 1922, Korbo has made its baskets from galvanized steel and stainless steel, and the latest versions will be a great addition to their assortment.

The Swedish company first started making baskets from a single wire, without welding, and they were mostly used by farmers and fishermen who needed something durable and weather resistant. Today, Korbo still uses the same technique, and Korbo baskets have made their way into many homes in Scandinavia and abroad.


Korbo_baskets01 Korbo_baskets02 Korbo_baskets03 Korbo_baskets04 Korbo_baskets05
Korbo_baskets06Korbo_baskets07 Korbo_baskets08 Korbo_baskets10

Styling: Sarah Widman

Photos: Daniela Ferro for Korbo via Elisabeth Heier



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