Knitting pretty

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Danish artist and textile designer Signe Emdal founded Emdal Colorknit.

The latest Kings Library Garden consist of knitted capes, scarfs and blankets. Every knitted fabric is made from a special fiber connection of wool and cotton. The colors are not seasonal; they are selected to create a balance, which goes with many different styles.

We are especially fond of the reversible scarf is made of merino wool and Egyptian cotton with digital patterns. View the collection here.




  1. Marina Olivia
    14 Sep 2011 / 23:36

    I must be really late on this particular train, but I’ve just realized TODAY, that I must have a scarf. And, not just any scarf, but the most beautiful and interesting one. This one the list.

  2. Susanne
    15 Sep 2011 / 01:52

    The scarf is stunning.

  3. Bethan
    28 Sep 2011 / 12:50

    beautiful patterns and a stunning collection.

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