A Rather Interesting and Eclectic Décor

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This place quickly caught my eye. Right from the start, I’m biased by the gorgeous original herringbone floor in some of the rooms – I’m such a fan! But it’s the rather unique and interesting décor that has that little je ne sais quoi. It has a great blend of modern and classic, creating an eclectic style with unexpected and surprising elements.The look is successfully pulled together with the right combination (and amount) of designer pieces, vintage finds, contemporary art, graphic patterns and possibly a few family heirlooms. I’d say the dining room offers the most striking contrasts between eras and styles.

What do you think? Hit or miss?

Pretty-and-eclectic-Gothenburg-apartment-02 Pretty-and-eclectic-Gothenburg-apartment-03 Pretty-and-eclectic-Gothenburg-apartment-04 Pretty-and-eclectic-Gothenburg-apartment-05 Pretty-and-eclectic-Gothenburg-apartment-06 Pretty-and-eclectic-Gothenburg-apartment-07 Pretty-and-eclectic-Gothenburg-apartment-08 Pretty-and-eclectic-Gothenburg-apartment-09

Photos: Stadshem


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  1. Olivia
    24 Mar 2015 / 20:10

    Too bland and grey for my taste. Also this trend for turning book spines to the wall???? smh.

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