Inspired by natural and earthy hues

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My color crush of the moment: Earthy tones.
I’ve never been a fan of beige or brown. I always thought it was old fashioned and plain. With time, however, I’m learning to appreciate the beauty of brown hues. Maybe it’s because I’ve started to integrate more and more wood accents into my home… Well, it’s definitely growing on me and today, I wouldn’t trade my vintage teak cupboard or dinning table for anything! I find that when paired with white and the right grey hues, earthy tones can look beautiful, warm, cozy, inviting, reassuring…  Not totally sold on the idea? Here’s a selection of gorgeous images styled and shot by Swede Daniella Witte, that might as well convince you!

Photos: Daniella Witte

Decorate-with-earthy-tones-9Decorate-with-earthy-tones-10Decorate-with-earthy-tones-8Decorate-with-earthy-tones-7Decorate-with-earthy-tones-5Decorate-with-earthy-tones-6Decorate-with-earthy-tones-4 Decorate-with-earthy-tones-3 Decorate-with-earthy-tones-2 Decorate-with-earthy-tones-1 Decorate-with-earthy-tones


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  1. Mariela
    16 Oct 2013 / 09:27

    I love it, every image is just perfect.


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