Inspiration from Marie Olsson Nylander

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These stunning images are from the portfolio of Swedish stylist Marie Olsson Nylander. She manages to create cohesiveness in a room, with many items we wouldn’t readily combine. This is a fantastic dose of inspiration!

Psst: Take a peek at her fabulous house here!

Photos: via Harvest Agency

Marie-Olsson-Nylander-14 Marie-Olsson-Nylander-13 Marie-Olsson-Nylander-12  Marie-Olsson-Nylander-10 Marie-Olsson-Nylander-9 Marie-Olsson-Nylander-8 Marie-Olsson-Nylander-7 Marie-Olsson-Nylander-6  Marie-Olsson-Nylander-4 Marie-Olsson-Nylander-3  Marie-Olsson-Nylander



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  1. Monica LivingSweetLiving
    28 Aug 2013 / 05:05

    Great pics! Very inspirering! I got to remember to keep an eye on her:)

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