Illustrator Michelle Carlslund

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Meet Danish illustrator Michelle Carlslund. She is young, talented and very creative.

Michelle has created illustrations for Universal Studios and Gyldendal and created front of Peter Hoeg‘s latest book. Even Japanese Vogue and the American lifestyle magazine HGTV has shown great interest in her talent and asked her to create artwork.

“The last few years I’ve been trying to draw how I feel. Nothing fancy but sad bears, proud sailors, strong men and bearded ladies – Yes, I am all of the above.”

Discover her illustrations here, or on her webshop. All artwork is available in three sizes: 13×18 cm,  30×40 cm and 50×70 cm.

Photos: Michelle Carlslund

Michelle-Carlslund6 Michelle-Carlslund5 Michelle-Carlslund4 Michelle-Carlslund3 Michelle-Carlslund2 Michelle-Carlslund


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