House Doctor Spring Summer 2014

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The new collection of House Doctor is out, and it is beautiful! Their new catalogue, Everyday, features the Danish brand’s graphically shaped furniture, hand crafted, tactile ceramics, and modern art. The collection is harmonious, with organic curves, sot hues, light wood… Take a look!

Photos: House Doctor

housedoctor_2014collection housedoctor_2014collection1 housedoctor_2014collection2 housedoctor_2014collection3 housedoctor_2014collection4 housedoctor_2014collection5 housedoctor_2014collection6 housedoctor_2014collection7 housedoctor_2014collection8 housedoctor_2014collection9


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  1. Margaret
    8 Feb 2014 / 16:50

    Hello Catherine,
    I agree with you that the new House Doc catalog with new collection is … just amazing.
    I just started my journey with the beauty decor. I invite you to visit my blog,, and share with me and my readers your impressions and ideas. I’m so glad that I found your blog. It is interesting and inspiring!
    Have a nice day!

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