A Home So Stylish It Could be a Showroom for Nordic Furnishings

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This beautiful home is for sale. Styled by Emma Fischer, the look is casual and ‘lived-in’, and the usual home staging rules went out of the window. The place could actually be a showroom for wish-list-worthy furniture and decorative accessories! It is filled with gorgeous design pieces by Hay, &Tradition, Carl Hansen and Son, Serge Mouille, Muuto, and ferm LIVING, among others.

I’m loving the muted color palette, consisting mostly of white and shades of grey. It is simple and minimal, but sophisticated and cozy. Every room’s styling is on point, and I’am definitely taking notes! The kitchen is slightly underwhelming and too plain for my taste, but it’s still nice and functional. All in all, this is a very inspiring interior – And I’m pinning every. single. picture.


A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-01A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-02A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-05 A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-06A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-07 A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-03A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-04A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-08 A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-09 A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-10 A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-11 A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-12 A-Home-So-Stylish-It-Could-be-a-Showroom-for-Nordic-Furnishings-13

Photos: Bjurfors



  1. lars
    5 Sep 2016 / 23:46

    Except that not every piece of furnishing is nordic design or brand… Moustache, Eames, Schottlander and not Mouillé…

    • 6 Sep 2016 / 08:46

      Of course not! But many of them :) Anyway, I think the beauty is in the mix!

  2. 7 Sep 2016 / 19:21

    What a fabulous home. Every single piece in there has earned its place and deserves to be there. I wish my home looked so well put together and curated. Just beautiful.

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