The home of Shaun Russell from Skandinavisk

, , , By Catherine Lazure-Guinard

Skandinavisk produces ceramics and fantastic, slow-burning candles with divine scents and names such as Hygge, Snow, Copenhagen and Island, to name a few. It was founded by “two English chaps who fell in love with Scandinavian girls and never left”. This apartment in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, is the home of co-founder of Skandinavisk, Shaun Russell. It is beautifully styled with the help of Gitte Christensen. The interior┬áis simple, but filled with character thanks to the right mix of modern design, fab vintage finds, lovely wooden floors and luminous white walls. I’m loving this look!

Photos: Pia Winther via Bungalow5

Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-01 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-02 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-03 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-04 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-05 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-06 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-07 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-08 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-09

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