The home of Shaun Russell from Skandinavisk

, , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

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Skandinavisk produces ceramics and fantastic, slow-burning candles with divine scents and names such as Hygge, Snow, Copenhagen and Island, to name a few. It was founded by “two English chaps who fell in love with Scandinavian girls and never left”. This apartment in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, is the home of co-founder of Skandinavisk, Shaun Russell. It is beautifully styled with the help of Gitte Christensen. The interior is simple, but filled with character thanks to the right mix of modern design, fab vintage finds, lovely wooden floors and luminous white walls. I’m loving this look!

Photos: Pia Winther via Bungalow5


Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-02 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-03 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-04 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-05
Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-06 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-07 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-08 Home-of-Shaun-Russell-of-Skandinavisk-09


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