A Home with the Right Balance of Modern Style and Historical Charm

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I am a sucker for modern interiors in old building, where contemporary furnishings mingle with classic, original architectural features such as mouldings and wainscotings – Just like in this home!

This Brooklyn brownstone was built in 1910 and was renovated with care by the current owners. The spacious residence now has an elegant, clean and pared-down style, with a simple and timeless palette. Decorated with taste and sparingly, the place is a gorgeous, uncluttered sanctuary. Beautiful!


A-Home-with-the-Right-Balance-of-Modern-Style-and-Historical-Charm-01 A-Home-with-the-Right-Balance-of-Modern-Style-and-Historical-Charm-02 A-Home-with-the-Right-Balance-of-Modern-Style-and-Historical-Charm-03 A-Home-with-the-Right-Balance-of-Modern-Style-and-Historical-Charm-04 A-Home-with-the-Right-Balance-of-Modern-Style-and-Historical-Charm-05 A-Home-with-the-Right-Balance-of-Modern-Style-and-Historical-Charm-06 A-Home-with-the-Right-Balance-of-Modern-Style-and-Historical-Charm-07 A-Home-with-the-Right-Balance-of-Modern-Style-and-Historical-Charm-08 A-Home-with-the-Right-Balance-of-Modern-Style-and-Historical-Charm-09


To read more about this beautiful renovation or to find out about the furniture, check out this article.


Photos: Pippa Drummond for Dwell



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