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Simen AarsethChristoffer Angell and Øyvind Wyller are three product designers who have collaborated on several projects after they completed their master’s degree in design at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Norway summer 2010. Through their experiences, they have developed an analytical, innovative and holistic way of thinking about design in a variety of situations.

One their project is Hanlde Me, a sleek cast iron cookware set with wooden handles. A celebration of simplicity, Handle Me is a modern twist on the traditional casserole. Besides its superb design, it is also very durable.

“We would like to reconnect the user in the process of cooking instead of reducing him/her to a passive spectator who mindlessly pushes buttons. Our design highlights the raw simplicity both visually and physically. The dowel handle provides an ergonomic powergrip while contributing to the concept of cookware as “tools”. The visual expression further expands the utility into the field of presentation of food. The cookware should encourage one to cook at home, which is an important social activity, as well as a healthy, sustainable and economic one.” -Awaa.no

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  1. 24 Feb 2012 / 20:25

    Like the design, simple and stylish!

  2. 29 Feb 2012 / 04:16

    I like this design.Mix IRON and WOOD is a good idea

  3. MS Tucker
    27 Mar 2012 / 20:59

    Love the design of this product, where are you able to purchase them from?

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