Form Series by Normann Copenhagen

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These beautiful Form chairs by Normann Copenhagen are seriously on my mind since visiting the design fair Northmodern in Copenhagen a few days ago. They have a fresh, sophisticated design but somewhat familiar, too. That is because it is a new interpretation of the classic shell chair made from moulded plastic. It took three years to develop the Form series – Angles have been corrected, curves have been adjusted, colours have been tweaked… all in order to find the right design and to achieve the best comfort possible.

“The name Form reflects the designer’s inspiration drawn from chair designs throughout history. With a soft silhouette that merges with a rigid, Nordic wooden frame, Form is Normann Copenhagen’s idea of a perfect chair.” – Normann Copenhagen

The chair comes with or without armrests and as a barstool in two different heights. They are available with bases in solid oak, walnut or powered coated steel. The latter is my favourite, as it is more minimalistic and sleek. However, I find that the wooden legs add warmth to the design. Six timeless colours were carefully chosen for the chairs: Dusty blue, light grey, green, red, black and white. A table is also available in the Form family.

Designed by Simon Legald, Form holds a special place in the designer’s heart: It was his graduation project, which earned him praises from his teachers back in 2012. And this series was Legald’s tribute to form:

“I had an idea of what the ideal chair should look like and I have had this for many years. I wanted to unite the frame and the seat in a way I had never seen it before. I have analyzed hundreds of chairs from different periods during the design process. To me, form is the essence of design. Form is what makes a product recognizable and sets the design apart from other products. Form is the first thing you see, you then experience the function. Form is also where a designer can put his personal stamp on a piece of furniture or a product.” – Simon Legald

Photos: Jeppe Sorensen & Janus Kohl Andersen for Normann Copenhagen

Form-chair-Normann-Copenhagen-01 Form-chair-Normann-Copenhagen-02 Form-chair-Normann-Copenhagen-09 Form-chair-Normann-Copenhagen-11 Form-chair-Normann-Copenhagen-12 Form-chair-Normann-Copenhagen-13 Form-chair-Normann-Copenhagen-07 Form-chair-Normann-Copenhagen-14Form-chair-Normann-Copenhagen-04


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