Finlandia Caviar Shop and Restaurant in Helsinki

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Here’s a new hot spot in Helsinki: Finlandia Caviar, a shop and a restaurant where you can get top quality caviar and oysters.

The interior is designed by Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio. The crisp color palette is inspired by Scandinavian winters, and all furnishings is by Finnish brands and/or local craftsmen. I love the minimalist and sleek style, as well as the deep blue touches – Those Artek stools are such a fun and stylish addition to the space!

Finlandia Caviar
Eteläranta 20,
Helsinki, Finland

Read more about it here.

Photos: Mikko Ryhänen 

Finlandia_Caviar_03 Finlandia_Caviar_04 Finlandia_Caviar_06 Finlandia_Caviar_08 Finlandia_Caviar_09 Finlandia_Caviar_10


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