Ferm Living AW 2014

, , , By Erika Vierto

As a great fan of this Danish brand, I’m pretty excited to find out the new Ferm Living collection is out – And I love it!
Their catalogue is full of beautiful pictures featuring their latest products. The colour scheme consists of warm and earthy tones, blue, grey and green, perfect for the autumn season.

Ferm Living describes their new collection as reflections from the surrounding life and all the great things in it:

“We have a true passion for well-crafted design and everyday aesthetics. Small moments are said to make life big. Moments like enjoying a dinner with family and friends, having a good cup of coffee, reading a book in a favourite chair or just staring at a vivid shadow. Having thoughts and listening to the silence. Or sharing thoughts and breaking the silence. There is room for life and we want to invite you inside.”

Sounds good to me; I’m more than happy to welcome their products into my home!

See the lookbook here.

Photos: Ferm Living

Ferm Living AW 2014_1

Ferm Living AW 2014_2

Ferm Living AW 2014_3

Ferm Living AW 2014_4

Ferm Living AW 2014_5

Ferm Living AW 2014_6

Ferm Living AW 2014_9

Ferm Living AW 2014_10

Ferm Living AW 2014_11

Ferm Living AW 2014_12

Ferm Living AW 2014_15

Ferm Living AW 2014_18

Ferm Living AW 2014_21

Ferm Living AW 2014_20


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