Ferdinand Lounge Chair by Brdr. Krüger

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Ferninand Lounge Chair – a possible new Danish design classic – is designed by Danish studio OEO. The chair has been designed and manufactured in close collaboration with amazingly skilled craftsmen from Brdr. Krüger and is the first product of a series made by them. Ferdinand is beautiful and definitely Nordic.

“The design of the Lounge Chair borrows inspiration from the enduring qualities of mid-century Danish Modern – spiced, tweaked and given a little present-day zest. The vision has been to create a signature design that reflects contemporary sensibilities, while honouring the legacy of 20th century design. Woodturning is a key element of the structural design, a technique that combines classic craftsmanship with high-tech manufacturing. The result is a bold and distinct design where the backrest and the frame effortlessly melt together.” – Brdr. Krüger

The chair itself is available in both soap-treated oak and black-stained oak, and the seat comes in three different colours and can be either leather or upholstery.

Pictures: Brdr. Krüger via Boligcious

Ferdinand-Lounge-Chair-by-Brdr_Kruger_4Ferdinand-Oak-backFerdinand Lounge Chair by Brdr_Kruger_1Ferdinand Lounge Chair by Brdr_Kruger_2Ferdinand Lounge Chair by Brdr_Kruger_3




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