Elegant and Light Stockholm Apartment

, , , , By Erika Vierto

This light, spacious, and very elegant apartment in Sweden has a fantastic feel to it, don’t you agree?
The interior is harmonious, comfy and relaxed. The mix of wooden floors and white surfaces combined with grey and brown tones is something I really like. The high ceilings, large windows and double doors to the kitchen are all beautiful architectural elements adding extra sophistication. Plus: It is so stylishly furnished. What a stunner!

Photos: Stadshem 

Elegant and light apartment_2

Elegant and light apartment_6

Elegant and light apartment_1

Elegant and light apartment_3

Elegant and light apartment_5

Elegant and light apartment_4

Elegant and light apartment_7

Elegant and light apartment_9

Elegant and light apartment_10

Elegant and light apartment_11


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  1. Leslie
    16 Apr 2022 / 05:42

    Stunning, how to to adhere the glass to the wall? Did you use glass or was it plexiglass? Thank you

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