Dusty Diamonds

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Dusty Diamonds is a collection of decorative plates and bowls with lids. Every single piece is handmade stoneware. We love the relief pattern with a matte finish, wich creates exciting depth and variety.

Designer Anna Elzer Oscarson (AEO) worked in close collaboration with Porslinsfabriken in Lidköping, Sweden, a factory once used by the fine porcelain manufacturers Rörstrand. These pieces were created by combining traditional techniques with a contemporary flair – fusing the best of both worlds.

“The reliefs were my point of departure. The whole concept involved integrating patterns and the three-dimensional shape. The result was facetted pieces with several dimensions. Pieces that draw you in and make you want to touch them. Which should give the products a long life.” – Anna Elzer Oscarson

“Dusty Diamonds meant facing lots of challenges. The deep relief on the pieces has never been done before, you see. The results fill me with a true sense of accomplishment.” – Kent Eriksson, from Porslinsfabriken in Lidköping.

Photos: via Thisisliv.blogspot.com


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