Dreaming of flying away

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The story of Plane is about happiness, freedom and daring to dream. It is about the inner feelings of freedom and joy that you experience when you set out on new adventures. What’s not to love about that?

Plane was created by Danish designer Ole Søndergaard. It has a very simple design, and it is made of lacquered wood and non-toxic paint. Designed for children of all ages, he toy is now being produced by Normann Copenhagen.

“Above me, in the distance can be heard the sound of the engine of a little sports plane. It is summer and the air is completely still. The sky is a brilliant blue and as always I am drawn when I see a place in the sky. With an almost childlike joy I can permanently forget both time and place and soar up into the wide blue yonder.” – Ole Søndergaard (2005)

Sizes: 15 cm, 21 cm or 36 cm. Available in black, red or blue.

Pssst: Check out the New Born Box – Kit of a pyjama and a plane. Love!

Photos: Normann Copenhagen



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