Discover the Work of LÜFT Design

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LÜFT, meaning ‘air’ in Swedish, is a San Francisco-based design studio that creates spaces with a clean, minimal signature style. The founder, Courtney Trump, is a fan of Scandinavian aesthetics. She brings a warm, bright and modern touch to her interiors. With a clear focus on quality furnishings and a monochrome color palette, Trump ensures a timeless sophistication.

Here are pictures from LÜFT’s portfolio. Pretty nice, right?
I’m loving that table in the second picture from below, the one with the brass accents on the legs. Stunning!


Discover-the-work-of-Luft-Design-01 Discover-the-work-of-Luft-Design-02 Discover-the-work-of-Luft-Design-03 Discover-the-work-of-Luft-Design-04 Discover-the-work-of-Luft-Design-05 Discover-the-work-of-Luft-Design-06 Discover-the-work-of-Luft-Design-07 Discover-the-work-of-Luft-Design-08 Discover-the-work-of-Luft-Design-09 Discover-the-work-of-Luft-Design-10


Photos: LÜFT


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