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We recently came across Danish company StrikAholic and their gorgeous products. We also found out the interesting story of how it all started:

During a trip to New York, Dorte Niedziella became deeply fascinated by the many – often unnoticed – graphic designs originating from items belonging to everyday American life, such as bus tickets. Her fascination kept on growing upon her return home to Denmark and she started exploring bar codes and bus tickets in more detail, wondering how she could make other people notice all these amazing art designs of everyday life.

Dorte Niedziella found a way of combining her joy for knitted products with her fascination of everyday graphics when initiating the production of her unique, offbeat and humorous cushions, and StrikAholic was formally established as a company in 2005. Today, StrikAholic is known for original designs and high-quality products, from pillows to blankets and table mats.

Click here to read more, or to see their collection.

Photos: StrikAholic 



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