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Copenhagen based Butchers & Bicycles designs and hand-builds beautiful, versatile trikes perfect for city living! Their MK1 tilt-action cargo trike, available in black and white, ensures swift and easy cycling while retaining the practical functions of traditional cargo trikes.

Need to get groceries, pick up the kids from daycare, and make it home in time for dinner? Urban mobility can be such a struggle. But the MK1 has two little seats with seatbelts, enough storage room for even larger shopping trips, and super flexible steering. A sturdy kick-stand and a sizeable door at the front ensure that you no longer have to throw out your back trying to lift whatever cargo you have to transport.

I’m so impressed that Butchers & Bicycles’ focus is clearly on functionality and safety, and yet the trikes also look gorgeous! Design engineers Morten Wagener, Morten Mogensen and Jakob Munk have really created a marvel here. The sleek, cool design is represented in their classy top hat-and-moustache logo, too.

View a video of the MK1 cargo trike to see why it’s so special, and also check below for some impressions from Butchers & Bicycles’ amazing showroom in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district (hence, the name)!

Pictures: Butchers & Bicycles via Designboom, Trendland

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