A Danish Home with an Artful Combination of Styles

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The owner of this fresh and stylish Danish home is Dutch painter and stylist Irene de Klerk Wolters. She definitely has great taste and the ability to combine styles artfully. Here, you’ll find a beautiful blend of rustic, French, country, contemporary and Scandinavian… What a great example of an eclectic interior done right!

I love the contrast between the sleek kitchen and bathroom with the more bohemian dining room and living area.

And talk about the numerous architectural elements – Gorgeous! The combination of pine boards and herringbone parquet flooring is unexpected, and it works really nicely. Well done.

We’re having a debate here at Nordic Design: I think the living room steels the show, and Erika prefers the sleek kitchen. And what about you? What do you like about this home?

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Photos: Birgitta Wolfgang / Sisters Agency 


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