A Cool Retro Vibe

, , , , By Catherine

This beautiful apartment in Gothenburg is full of charm!

Built in the 1950’s, the place still has a mid-century vibe but with a contemporary style. The look is nicely put together, with several teak furniture, bold patterns, and vintage knickknacks. Casual, interesting and personal. While it is not exactly my cup of tea, I still think it is pretty well done.


A-Cool-Seventies-Vibe-01 A-Cool-Seventies-Vibe-02 A-Cool-Seventies-Vibe-03 A-Cool-Seventies-Vibe-04 A-Cool-Seventies-Vibe-05 A-Cool-Seventies-Vibe-06 A-Cool-Seventies-Vibe-07 A-Cool-Seventies-Vibe-08 A-Cool-Seventies-Vibe-09 A-Cool-Seventies-Vibe-10 A-Cool-Seventies-Vibe-11


Photos:Janne Olander for Stadshem



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