Cool and Stylish Monochrome Apartment in Sweden

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White floorboards, pale grey walls, a fantastic mix of classic and modern furniture, beautiful artwork, a great kitchen… We are easily seduced by a place with all these elements. Add a cool vibe, fresh green plants and a few contrasting pieces, like this gorgeous antique sofa, and you’ve got this fabulous home!

This apartment in Gothenburg has everything to please, don’t you agree?

See the full tour below.


Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-01 Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-03 Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-04 Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-05 Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-06 Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-07 Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-08Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-02 Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-09 Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-10 Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-11 Cool-Monochrome-Swedish-Apartment-12


Stylist: Anna Furbacken
Photos: Anders Bergstedt for Entrance



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