Conditions for good design

, , By Catherine

Last weekend we had the chance to visit the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen. The organization’s goal is to build awareness of design and its economic effects locally and internationally.

It is with great interest that we discovered the DCC’s 10 conditions for good design and value-building design in the 21st century.

Good design is:

Intuitive design is self-explanatory and thus often negates the need for a user manual. It is obvious how the design should be used, perceived and understood. The design explains the function.

Functional design is intended to serve a function – preferably a primary and a supplemental function. A functional design solves a problem, and in its design optimises a given function.

Shaped and Styled
Shape and appearance are essential aspects of good design. They are the basis for creating and designing. Shaping and styling ensure an attractive sensuous quality and an added value.

An innovative design can be a ‘break-through’ product or service, but it can also be a re-design of an existing product or service. A ‘break-through’ product offers the market and the user a new and previously unseen function and added value, while a re-design improves on an existing product.

An honest design only communicates the functions and values it actually offers. It should not manipulate buyers or users into thinking that it offers more than it does.

Good design is responsible, among other things by considering environmental concerns. For example, it may contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world, where materials have high durability and may even be recycled in new contexts.

An aesthetic product has an inherent power of fascination and an immediately accessible sensuous quality.

In a society characterised by excessive consumption, good design serves an important purpose. It is based on durability in the sense that the design and the materials have staying power rather than just representing a fad. Waste and excessive consumption are not aspects of good design.

User Oriented
Good design focuses on the user and aims to improve a given situation for the user. User-oriented design provides an added value, whether material or immaterial, and thus increases the user’s satisfaction and life situation.

Good business
Good design is competitive and stands out in a competitive market. Good business means a healthy bottom line – Hence, good design is also a product or a service that sells well.

Source: Danish Design Center