Colourful Danish Home

, , , , By Catherine

This Danish villa is a lovely and happy family home!

The all-white interior provides a blank canvas to the numerous candy-coloured details throughout the house. Yellow, mint green, pink, pale blue, turquoise… It’s not an easy look to pull off, but here, it looks stylish and cheerful. Well done!


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Colourful_Danish_Home02 Colourful_Danish_Home03 Colourful_Danish_Home04 Colourful_Danish_Home05
Colourful_Danish_Home06 Colourful_Danish_Home07 Colourful_Danish_Home08 Colourful_Danish_Home09
Colourful_Danish_Home10 Colourful_Danish_Home11 Colourful_Danish_Home12 Colourful_Danish_Home13

Photos: Frederikke Heiberg for Boligmagasinet


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