Christmas inspiration from Elisabeth Heier

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The 25th of December is less than a week away, so this is possibly one of the last post about Christmas you’ll see on Nordic Design this year. I wanted to show you some gorgeous pictures by interior designer, stylist and photographer from Norway, Elisabeth Heier. She’s incredibly talented, and she’s probably no stranger to you if you are a true of the white and clean Scandinavian style.

Enjoy her pretty inspiration for the Holidays!

Photos: Elisabeth Heier


Christmas-inspiration-by-Elisabeth-Heier-02 Christmas-inspiration-by-Elisabeth-Heier-03 Christmas-inspiration-by-Elisabeth-Heier-04 Christmas-inspiration-by-Elisabeth-Heier-05
Christmas-inspiration-by-Elisabeth-Heier-06 Christmas-inspiration-by-Elisabeth-Heier-07 Christmas-inspiration-by-Elisabeth-Heier-08 Christmas-inspiration-by-Elisabeth-Heier-09



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    9 Aug 2016 / 09:34

    Love love love

  2. Judy Parkey
    9 Aug 2016 / 09:35


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