Cheers to New Friends

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How awesome are these!? We are loving thumblers by Swedish artist Ernst Billgren for Kosta Boda.
Called ‘The New Friends’ series, even the name makes us smile!

The collectible glasses feature at the bottom a badger, a bear, a fox, a bird, a duck and a wild boar.

“Ernst Billgren is one of Sweden’s most noteworthy contemporary artists. Over the years he has become renowned for his outstanding artistic work, in which mythology, nature and national romanticism have been significant sources of inspiration. Besides painting and sculpture, Billgren has also expressed his artistic diversity in fields such as scenography, literature, film, music, furniture design and glass design.” – Kosta Boda

Each glass is hand-made by the masters at Kosta Boda.

Size: H 96 mm W 86 mm V 40 cl

Photos: Kosta Boda