Bright Sprout by Nordic Tales

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Bright Sprout is a wooden fixture designed to hide the light bulb socket on energy saving bulbs. With its soft, Nordic design, it turns an important everyday function into an aesthetic experience.

Bright Sprout is made from Danish wood and designed and produced in Denmark by Jonas Hoejgaard in collaboration with Nordic Tales. The product arrives in a special designed packaging (see below), inspired by a nutshell. Inside the irregular packaging Bright Sprout lies enclosed by wood shaving. Ready for picking and mounting as soon as you get home. The packaging can be reused as a vase, pen holder or decoration in itself – only creativity sets the limits.

Like with every other Nordic Tales product, Bright Sprout tells a story. And you are a part of the story telling. Bright Sprout must be combined with a cord and a light bulb at your wish. The fabric cord comes in seven colors and Bright Sprout in oiled, soap finished or smoked oak. Bright Sprout is designed to fit most incandescent and energy saving bulbs.
Photos: Nordic Tales

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  1. Baransel Tarsus
    13 Oct 2012 / 15:17


    How can i order from the items in the web site ? You have very exciting stuff out there.
    Thank you

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