BLOW Hair Salon Copenhagen

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“A new exclusive hair wash, blow and style salon is born in Copenhagen by STUDIO David Thulstrup. It’s a modern interior with a twist of a 1950’s feeling — a place where women can be spoiled with 20 minutes of peace while having their hair styled.

STUDIO David Thulstrup, has worked wonders with the space in Copenhagen and every customer in BLOW, owned by Isabel Friis-Mikkelsen, will experience a creative journey into a modern and elegant universe, where hair is not cut, but blown. Within, the attention revolves around two large,free standing mirrors that face the customer being styled and where glowing lightbulbs
pop out, creating a perfect circle of attention. This allows for ideal lighting while hair gets styled and one’s thought are almost led to a 1950’s back stage dressing room.

All furniture, except the Egon Eiermann chairs, is custom made for the space: Pieces with impact and structure using a yellow Giallo Siena marble for counter, tables and small side tables. Yellow is the feature color of the salon and several plywood panels within the store are stained in the same color while leaving others natural.

Mirrors are essential in the concept and the opposing, handmade, lacquered mirrors not only help enlarge the small space, but also give a feeling of exclusivity and work as a reminder of the function of the salon: hair and wind. Created directly in STUDIO David Thulstrup the mirrors are made by applying several layers of transparent and white lacquer that are later spread — or actually blown — over by an air compressor for a random shape.

Through the concept and the careful choices of color, materials and lighting STUDIO David Thulstrup has created a place for women who dare and value the beauty of looking great every day.”

Source & photos: Retail Design Blog

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