Bengtsson for Save the Children

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The sweet doggy patterns that you see below are from the Tillsammans collection and shows dachshunds from around the world, with hats and hairstyles to symbolize different nationalities.

It was created for a very special purpose: Lisa Bengtsson, one of Sweden’s most prominent designers, recently developed a new collection of wallpaper, textiles and posters exclusively for Save The Children. The products are available only in their design shop.

When buying these products, you are supporting a worthwhile cause – to protect and save little ones against violence and sexual assault and to invest in their future by ensuring that they receive a proper education.

“I think that it is fun and rewarding to work with Save the Children. When I received the request, there was no doubt but only joy. I like to do what I can to help, and what I can is to design… So why not do it for Save the Children!” – Lisa Bengtsson

Photos: Lisa Bengtsson via Decor8


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