Bella Sky Hotel

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Danish architects 3XN designed this impressive landmark accommodation adjacent to the Bella Center in Copenhagen. The Bella Sky Hotel consists of two towers with a striking 15 degrees inclination, with a dynamic and graphic skin of white triangular panels, offering a pixelating effect even from a great distance. With its +800 rooms, the Bella Sky is now the largest hotel in Scandinavia.

The furnishings are all natural, and a prominent living wall wrapping the lobby core sets the mood of the space — the wall is a natural air filter and helps maintain humidity while acting as a striking backdrop. The lobby is lit by a centerpiece custom designed by 3XN. The Bella Chandelier is made with over 7000 LED lamps which gradually change from a warm to a cool white to evoke the changing sky. The entire design by 3XN is designed to evoke Northern Europe’s connection with the natural world.

Click here to view a video about the new hotel.

Photos: 3XN via Inhabitat


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