Architectural Correctional Facility in Greenland

, , By Catherine

Danish team Friis & Moltke from schmidt hammer lassen architects designed this interesting architectural project, which is the future correctional facility of Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. Submitted for a competition, this is the winning design for the 8,000 square metre facility. It’s easy to imagine that building such a structure on a basic foundation of ice is no easy task…

For the curious types: While browsing the web for more info, we found this interesting article you might want to read about “open” prison system in Greenland, where criminals are allowed to go hunting and wonder around town in daytime.

Photos: schmidt hammer lassen architects via missdesignsays

Correctional-facility-Greenland-1 Correctional-facility-Greenland-2Correctional-facility-Greenland-3



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