An Interesting Home Filled with Design, Art and Colours

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The home of Urd and Thomas is anything but ordinary.
Colourful, funky and unique is what come to mind when looking at the pictures of their 180 sqm house in Denmark. The creative couple like to express their personality through their decor, and do not shy away from experimenting with patterns, textures, colours and forms. The interior is filled with furniture passed on from generation to generation, as well as with bright and interesting artwork. There are numerous interesting details around the place, such as the oversized chandelier left nonchalantly on the floor, the black and white Made a Mano tiles, the rugs (most likely from Linie Design, where Urd works), the cluster of by lassen’s Kubus candleholders, etc.

Scroll to tour it now.

Home-filled-with-design-colors-and-art-01 Home-filled-with-design-colors-and-art-02 Home-filled-with-design-colors-and-art-03 Home-filled-with-design-colors-and-art-04 Home-filled-with-design-colors-and-art-05 Home-filled-with-design-colors-and-art-06 Home-filled-with-design-colors-and-art-07 Home-filled-with-design-colors-and-art-08 Home-filled-with-design-colors-and-art-09 Home-filled-with-design-colors-and-art-10

Photos: Niels Ahlberg via Bolig Magasinet


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  1. 6 Sep 2015 / 14:51

    Wow! I love every bit of it!

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