An Enviable and Beautiful Simplicity

, , , By Catherine

Oh, my. What a beautiful place!
Monochrome and serene, this interior is enviable. It is sleek, simple, refined… A look at the pictures below makes me want to slow down, and to downsize the amount of ‘stuff’ that clutter many corners in my home. This place made me think of The Minimalists, the guys behind the great TED Talk about living a meaningful life with less possessions. Food for thoughts…


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Neutral-and-Minimalist-01 Neutral-and-Minimalist-02 Neutral-and-Minimalist-03 Neutral-and-Minimalist-04 Neutral-and-Minimalist-05 Neutral-and-Minimalist-06 Neutral-and-Minimalist-07 Neutral-and-Minimalist-08 Neutral-and-Minimalist-09


Styling: Team Sarah Widman – Evalotta Sundling & Elin Kicken.

Photos: Jonas Berg



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