A Roundup Of Stylish & Versatile Outdoor Dining Chairs

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Here is a roundup of my top picks for outdoor dining chairs!

You will find beautiful and versatile options, mostly from Scandinavian brands. Many are stylish enough to be used indoors, and I made sure to include models that are stackable and foldable for convenience (especially for small balconies - See this article for inspiration).

I didn't want to focus on garden furniture sets for this roundup, because we don't often need a completely new setup. Instead, you might want to use a simple table you've had for years and upgrade the look by pairing it with designer chairs. Or combine classic teak chairs with a modern black steel table. Or mix and match chairs, and have fun with colors and/or style.

Prices are approximate and based on the exchange rate on the publishing date. Promotions and shipping costs vary per retailer, and remember that custom duties may apply.

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