A Perfectly Styled 56m² Apartment

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In an old building designed by Karl Hansson in 1902 in Gothenburg, Sweden, you’ll find this perfectly styled 56m² apartment.

While it’s difficult to go wrong with white walls, a muted palette and a couple of green plants, the interior has a great mix of vintage and modern design with lots of interesting details.

My biggest crush is that teak credenza – Beautiful! The workspace is also pretty neat, with its Bertoria chair, DIY desk, IKEA lamp and leather shelves.

For similar artwork, check out Tappan CollectiveThe Print Atelier or Junique.

A gorgeous little place, don’t you think?

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Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-06 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-07Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-08 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-09
Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-10 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-11 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-12 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-13

Photos: Janne Olander via Stadshem




  1. 6 Dec 2018 / 17:32

    love love love your place
    question though???
    where did you get or make the front entrance cabinet with the leather strap to open it as well as the hooks for the jackets?


    • Catherine
      11 Jan 2019 / 10:34

      Thanks for your comment and question! It is not my own place, but I can help. The cabinet is likely to be a Besta from IKEA, and the leather handles are from Superfront (but I think IKEA now has a similar alternative). The hooks could be by Nomess: http://www.nomess.dk/collection/storage/hangers.html

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