A Perfectly Styled 56m² Apartment

, , , , By Catherine Lazure-Guinard

In an old building designed by Karl Hansson in 1902 in Gothenburg, Sweden, you’ll find this perfectly styled 56m² apartment.

While it’s difficult to go wrong with white walls, a muted palette and a couple of green plants, the interior has a great mix of vintage and modern design with lots of interesting details.

My biggest crush is that teak credenza – Beautiful! The workspace is also pretty neat, with its Bertoria chair, DIY desk, IKEA lamp and leather shelves.

For similar artwork, check out Tappan CollectiveThe Print Atelier or Junique.

A gorgeous little place, don’t you think?

Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-01 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-02 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-03 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-04 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-05 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-06 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-07Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-08 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-09 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-10 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-11 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-12 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-13 Beautiful-Swedish-studio-filled-with-design-14

Photos: Janne Olander via Stadshem


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