A Fun, Funky and Colour-Filled Villa in Odense

, , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

This is exactly the opposite of my serene, organized and monochrome home. Still, I can really appreciate such fun, funky and colour-filled interior!

The place is owned by Charlotte Gueniau, the woman behind the Danish lifestyle brand Rice. She is a big fan of bright neon pink, purple, mint green, salmon pink… Her Her large villa in Odense, Denmark, is a rich color mecca filled with patterns and quirky wallpaper -Definitely unique and personal.

“I can not live without colors. They are the foundation of everything I’m dealing with. I love to experiment with colors and I will change wall colours regularly in the house. It gives a nice fresh zing, and a small change can make the rest of the room look new or completely different,” says Charlotte.




Photos: Pernille Kaalund via Bolig magasinet


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  1. 20 May 2015 / 15:24

    Oh I am totally overwhelmed! So creative. I love the contrasting color combos like mint green and salmon! I love the funky lampshades, and the hanging chair…Very unique.

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