A Conceptual and Functional Bench by Rasmus B. Fex

, , , , By Catherine Lazure-Guinard

Young industrial designer Rasmus B. Fex of studio B°Fex has presented a conceptual bench at the D3 Contest exhibition during the latest edition of IMM Cologne. Inspired by traditional Scandinavian furniture, theSlagbænk is based on a simple concept: five pinewood boards join two chairs to form a bench with an integrated storage space. The size of the bench depends on the dimensions of the boards used.

“Slagbaenk is a conceptual kitcen bench/ wall bench (slagbaenk) living in the borderland between art and design. It is a piece of furniture art craft that is conceptual as well as highly functional. Slagbaenk is designed by Rasmus B. Fex.

The traditional slagbænk holds a firm place in Scandinavian furniture history. Its concept has remained unchanged over the last 100 years. It is a multifunctional piece of furniture that must offer a variety of everyday functions which makes it an interesting object. One object provides the functions of three; the bench where we sit along the kitchen table, the coffin where we store our stuff and the daybed on which we rest. It adapts to the needs of a home as a kind of a furniture swiss-knife.

Slagbaenk is a simple concept – five planks set in the spread between two chairs. A wider plank is placed on top of the chairs, providing both seating and storage lid. The planks can vary in length, adopting to the wished length of the bench.”

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Source: Archilovers

Photos: Rasmus B. Fex


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