A beautiful and elegant family home from Elle Decoration UK

, , By Catherine

What a beautiful and elegant family home!

It is featured in the latest issue of Elle decoration UK. It was styled by talented Saša Antic and shot by photographer extraordinaire Kristofer Johnsson. 

It is so inspiring! I love the living room, with its high ceiling and palette of blue, white and grey. The bedroom, painted black, is a nice, cozy and stylish cocoon. The rest of the house is light and bright, with some black furnishings which provide nice contrasts.


Stylish-Swedish-Residence-Styled-by-Sasa-Antic-01 Stylish-Swedish-Residence-Styled-by-Sasa-Antic-02 Stylish-Swedish-Residence-Styled-by-Sasa-Antic-03 Stylish-Swedish-Residence-Styled-by-Sasa-Antic-04 Stylish-Swedish-Residence-Styled-by-Sasa-Antic-05 Stylish-Swedish-Residence-Styled-by-Sasa-Antic-06 Stylish-Swedish-Residence-Styled-by-Sasa-Antic-07 Stylish-Swedish-Residence-Styled-by-Sasa-Antic-08 Stylish-Swedish-Residence-Styled-by-Sasa-Antic-09 Stylish-Swedish-Residence-Styled-by-Sasa-Antic-10

Photos: Kristofer Johnsson for Elle decoration UK


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  1. Vicky
    5 Nov 2018 / 19:34

    Love the look of this home. Do you know where the ceiling pendant in the living room is from please?

    Thank you

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