5 Delicate and Minimalist Vases for Wildflowers, Ferns and Floral Twigs

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Summer’s here and nature is in full bloom, and one of the joys of the warm season is the easy access to flowers – Just a few days ago I pulled over the side of road to pick up a few beauties – Its the perfect way to bring the outside in!

I’ve rounded up five minimalist, timeless and functional vases that are all about the content; with their delicate and stripped back design, they are ideal to show off the beauty of single flowers, twigs, ferns, leaves, straw of grass, etc.

  1. Mini vase by Maria Håård
    Maria Håård designed this mini vase in 2009 with an underlying idea of creating a vase for the smallest flower. The early spring flowers or buds that have fallen of a bouquet. The vase is handmade exclusively for Svenskt Tenn.
  2. Stem vase by Menu
    Stem is a modern rethink of vases in the traditional sense, intended to put the focus firmly back on the plant. This unexpected vase exhibits plants in an almost scientific manner, making everything – from tip to stem – visible to study and admire.
  3. Acorn vase by Estrid Ericson
    Estrid Ericson came up with the idea of letting acorns sprout in a single small glass vase. The form was inspired by the classic acorn shape and she broadened the neck slightly so that the acorn could fit into place easily and take root. Manufactured by Svenskt Tenn.
  4. Glasilium vase by Scandinavia Form
    The vases Glasilium with a copper stem and cork neck showcases a single flower, straw of grass, branch or leaf in their most transparent form of beauty.
  5. Lala vase by Studio Macura
    Lala is a mini glass vase for a small flower, herb twig or small object.  The unique twist of this tube like vase lies in the fact that the glass on the back has been formed around a small magnet.  This allows the vase to be magnetically attached to metal surfaces such as window frames, doors, fridges and steel screws.  In combination with BUBA its part of an elegant home magnet board/organizer.



Find them here:

1. Mini vase by Maria Håård, Svenskt Tenn | 2. Stem vase by Menu | 3. Acorn vase by Estrid Ericson, Svenskt Tenn | 4. Glasilium vase by Scandinavia Form | 5. Lala vase by Studio Macura

Photo in top banner: Scandinaviaform


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