Product crush: The 2017 Calendar by Kristina Krogh

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Copenhagen-based designer Kristina Krogh has been making beautiful calendars for some time now, and the year 2017 is no exception! This new edition bears large letters forming the words “one seven” in copper or gold foil typography, on a dark green or light grey background. Months and days are visible when you take a closer look at the print, in a delicate font.

The 50 x 70cm calendars are printed on 175 gsm colored quality paper and fits in most widely available frames.

The retail price of the 2017 calendar is 50 euro (about $56) + shipping. You can get it here.

What a great Christmas gift idea (hint, hint)!


2017-Calendar-by-Kristina-Krogh-01 2017-Calendar-by-Kristina-Krogh-02 2017-Calendar-by-Kristina-Krogh-03 2017-Calendar-by-Kristina-Krogh-04 2017-Calendar-by-Kristina-Krogh-05 2017-Calendar-by-Kristina-Krogh-06


About Kristina:

Kristina Krogh is a Danish graphic designer and artist based in Copenhagen, educated from the Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark in 2011. Her inspiration comes from the things and objects that surrounds her. She is fascinated by the surfaces in the different materials and she loves the mix of both exclusive and cheap textural material such as marble, plywood, cork and paper – Source


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