15 Basic yet Stylish Items in My Toddler’s Closet, and Why I Swear by a Capsule Wardrobe

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My baby boy turned one recently and, wow, time do fly – Cliché, I know, but oh-so-true. Life with a kid is often chaotic, and I’m always looking for ways to make our life easier, simpler. Enters the ‘capsule wardrobe’.

It consists of having a compact closet with timeless staple pieces that are easy to coordinate and to wear interchangeably. There are multiple benefits: With a capsule wardrobe, whether for your kids or yourself, you save money and time. You simplify laundry. You reduce stress (of getting dressed in the morning) and clutter. And less stuff means less to clean, to organize, to store… All minimalists agree: One finds freedom in simplicity.

Moreover, as a rule of thumb, I am careful about how I spend my hard-earned cash. It is not about deprivation, but rather about making intentional choices. I try to apply the motto “Buy less, but better” as often as I can.

This conscious consumption lead me to seek out simple, ethically-made basics for my boy. For a sustainable capsule wardrobe, choosing quality clothes made of durable materials and that will have a satisfying lifespan is very important, too.  I want my son to wear and enjoy a piece of clothing again, and again, and again… Until it is passed on to another family. And hopefully to another one after that. I also like to go for a restrained palette of (mostly) neutral colors that are easy to mix and match, and I steer away from anything featuring a big logo or a text like “Too cool for school”…

That is why I turned to Toronto-based shop mini mioche for their good, minimal and modern basics made in Canada. Almost every piece in my son’s wardrobe work together, and I know that for a fair amount of money, I get locally-produced clothing that will last. Their products are also so soft and comfortable, I actually wish I could get them in my size! I also got to interview founder and designer Alyssa, a few years ago, and she is an inspiring #girlboss.

So here, I partnered with mini mioche to show you the 15 basic yet stylish items in my 1-year-old boy’s closet that I truly love and recommend – The perfect basics for a minimal, capsule wardrobe!

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Find them here:

  1. Fleece Crew Raglan in putty
  2. Slouchy Beanie in heather earth
  3. Simple Skinny Sweats in black
  4. Zippy Sleeper in black stripe
  5. Fleece Lush Hoody in heather grey
  6. Short Sleeve Tee in burgundy
  7. Long Sleeve Onesie in black
  8. Cypress Shoes in really black
  9. Short Sleeve Tee in natural stripe
  10. Kangaroo Raglan in heather charcoal
  11. Short Sleeve Onesie in navy
  12. Denim in sepia
  13. Tank Onesie in white
  14. Denim in mid wash
  15. Raglan Onesie in putty/heather grey


Find more about mini mioche and their products here.


Disclaimer: This post was brought to you in collaboration with mini mioche. It is an online retailer that I love and genuinely recommend. All words are my own. My partners contribute to the growth of Nordic Design, and I thank you for supporting them.


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