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High quality and customization are at the core of Zweed, a Stockholm-based company founded in 2010 by Håkan Johansson.

His mission is “to produce pieces of quality furniture locally with client’s inspiration and ideas taking a central part of the design process.” Johansson explains that his customers come to him because they can’t find a design solution to fit their tastes and needs without having to compromise in size, shape or color.

Sustainability is also important to Johansson, who chooses locally-based cabinet makers, while reducing waste and protecting resources in the long term.

The result: A line of customizable, handcrafted and contemporary furniture with a lasting design.

Moodi is a piece based on the classic ’50s sideboard with reversible sliding doors, which can be colored or finished using NCS Colours or natural woods, varnishes and oils. Additional doors can also be ordered separately. The model Citti is a storage system based on a simple modular format: “You choose the size, depth, number of modules, color or finish and decide if you need doors or internal compartments.” – Johansson.

Photos: Zweed