Trend to Watch: An ethnic touch

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Another trend to watch this year is taking inspiration from cultures all over the world. It consists of a blend of modern and ethnic rustic, for an eclectic fusion of styles! To get the look, I recommend having a natural colour scheme on your wall, floor and ceiling, to serve as a canvas for accessories with bolder patterns and stronger colours. The goal is to create interesting and playful contrasts. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and ethnic origins; think bamboo furniture, North African rugs, Inca prints, vibrant fabric from India, etc. Add a few exotic plants and cactuses to the mix for a fresh look.

During my trip to Stockholm a few weeks ago, I saw many products from Scandinavian brands with that ethnic touch. Here are some of my favourite home furnishings:


1. Bamboo lamp, Bloomingville; 2. Set of 4 wooden storage jars, Ilva; 3. Candleholder, Ilva; 4. Pillowcase, House Doctor; 5. Bamboo bench, Tine K Home; 6. Curve chair, Wrong for HAY; 7. Lantern, House Doctor; 8. Inka blanket, Ferm Living; 9. Rosewood candleholders, Bolia; 10. Vase, Ilva; 11. Chair, Bloomingville; 12. Maya cushion, Ferm Living; 13. Cono candleholders, Kähler; 14. Horn spoon, Georg Jensen; 15. Boucherouite rug, Another Ballroom; 16. Dandelion tiles, Claesson Koivisto Rune for Marrakech Design; 17. Glaze vases, Tine K Home

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Photos in the top banner: Tine K Home, Wrong for HAY, Anna-Malin Lindgren, Handmade-interiors







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